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Built on a background of social inclusion and community engagement, the Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association (WECRA) caters to the needs of children of all ages in N.D.G. and the surrounding areas in Montreal.

Along with our dedicated staff, our community and recreation centre is what it is today because of our diligent and dedicated team of volunteers. The invaluable contribution of our volunteers allows our children in N.D.G. to prosper in a safe and secure after-school environment, on weekends and during the summer months. We also cater to the needs of adults who wish to contribute positively to what we do here, or who simply want to partake in one of the adult-based dance, cooking and computer classes we offer.

Why not get in touch with us today and bring your unique skill-set to the table? Whether you are recently retired, a parent who wants to give back to the centre or a university student who wants to get some invaluable work experience, then give us a call today.

Helping those who are eager to learn is such a satisfying feeling and the nurturing sense of self-empowerment that we can instil in our centre’s users is a pleasure like no other. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Ongoing Volunteer Initiatives

At present, we are lucky enough to have the help of a variety of student volunteers from local high-schools, CEGEPs and universities, on whom we rely and greatly appreciate. These volunteers include students from Westmount, James Lyng and Sacred Heart High School and Concordia students. Stagiaires include McGill as well as Vanier College students.

These students are in their last year of school and are required to volunteer some time in their community. It is a win-win situation—they receive their accredited hours of volunteering along with a full report from our coordinator and we receive some invaluable extra help with our after-school program.

As the children attending this program are in elementary school and many require some help with their homework, these students are the best possible candidates to provide this aid as they themselves have recently completed this level of schooling and can easily relate to the learning process of our participants. Again, this is a real win-win situation and one that makes our centre so unique.

Most students find they really enjoy working with children and develop their skills in activity planning and supervision. On top of that, many of our volunteers offer to return to Westhaven in the future and some continue even further as summer day camp CITs (counselors-in-training) or monitors.

Give Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association a Call

At Westhaven, we are one big family and we value every person who volunteers with us as such. We know that there are very few things in life more selfless than volunteering for others. That is why when you give your precious time to our association, you can rest assured that it will be as rewarding an experience as possible and one that will keep on giving.

Call (514) 872-6134 or email us at director@westhavenrecreation.org to volunteer today!

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