After-School Supervised Sports in N.D.G.

At Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association, our number one priority is always your child’s happiness and development. We take the after-school service we provide to students extremely seriously and this is one of the main reasons why the program is held in such high regard locally, as well as in the N.D.G. area of Montreal.

Sports are one of our most popular after-school programs we offer and basketball, in particular.

When you send you children to Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association’s after-school sports programs, you can rest assured that they will receive a holistic and comprehensive immersion in sports that will help build their social and interpersonal skills as much as it will improve their dribbling or shooting techniques.

Sports Classes

A Tailored Approach to After-School Sports at Westhaven

At Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association, we are firm believers in the benefits of a tailored and individual-centred approach to our after-school sports program. A one-size-fits-all approach may be how some after-school programs are run but that is not how we do things here.

It is for this reason that when you send your son or daughter to one of our basketball program, you can rest assured that they will receive a course that is unrivalled in terms of attention to detail and one that caters perfectly to their respective needs.

Basketball: While some kids dream of being Steph Curry or LeBron James, the reality is that, for many, basketball is just a way of having fun and making new friends. We always encourage all our kids to reach their full potential but never place undue pressure on them. To achieve this balance, we separate our Westhaven Knights basketball teams into three age categories: 8-12 years old, 12-13 years old, and 14-15 years old. All age categories involve coaches teaching the participants about the fundamentals of the game—both offence and defence—as well as improving the basics of passing, shooting and dribbling. Games are held every second week to test out these skills while we also enter our three teams in various tournaments throughout the year. At Westhaven, we are proud to run the N.D.G. recreation league where all our teams as well as over a dozen others in the area participate in.

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