Community Center in Montreal

Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association is a dynamic space where people from all backgrounds converge to enrich their lives and strengthen the bonds of our community in Montreal. Our fun, comprehensive programs cater to individuals of all ages and interests, fostering personal growth, promoting wellness, and igniting a passion for lifelong learning. When you walk through our doors, you’ll discover a warm, inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and empowers each person to reach their full potential.

We love welcoming new faces day in and out. So, if you’re looking for a warm community and engaging experience, our community center is the place to be. Call (514) 872-6134 to inquire about operating hours.

Join Montreal’s Inclusive Community Center

Participate in Our Many Community Center Programs

We offer an extensive array of enriching programs and activities for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Here are some of the community center programs offered:

  • After-school clubs and basketball leagues for children and youth
  • Art classes for teenagers
  • Strength & conditioning for kids
  • Sports programs
  • Kripalu yoga classes
  • Workshops for kids containing a wide range of topics and skills
  • Beginner fiber arts courses
  • Music production programs for teens and young adults

Stop by Our Drop-in Center

Our community center empowers local teens through engaging programs and resources. In addition to our many programs, our drop-in center is open to youth aged 14-18. It provides a safe space where they can explore interests like music production and the arts while developing essential life skills.

Beyond this, we help them prepare for the workforce. From crafting standout resumes to providing guidance on college selections and applications, our goal is to nurture their personal and professional growth.

The Many Benefits of Community Centers

One of the core reasons members of our Montreal community participate in programs at our center is to be part of a smaller, more connected community.

In addition to this, here are the many other benefits:

  • Promotes fitness and healthy lifestyles
  • Access to after-school programs
  • Support youth development programs
  • Foster social connections and friendships
  • Celebrates diversity
  • Improves social, interpersonal, and communication skills

Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association: Our Commitment to You

Our community-focused team works as one, striving to foster a strong sense of social inclusion and engagement within Montreal. We continually seek innovative ways to provide practical, enjoyable programs and services that help our participants achieve their goals.

Over time, we’ve cultivated partnerships with various local groups and organizations to expand our offerings in ways that most help our community. Our many programs cater to individuals of all ages, providing enriching opportunities for learning, creativity, physical activity, and social connection in a safe and supportive environment.

From after-school care to youth programs and summer camps, our community center is a gathering hub promoting personal growth, cultural exploration, and an active lifestyle.

A Place for Everyone Pursuing Lifelong Learning

Westhaven Elmhurst Community Recreation Association’s team is always eager to have you join our thriving community of lifelong learners. If you’re looking for a place to spend after work or school hours, to build new friendships, or to seek life and educational guidance, you’ve found it!

Reach our center at (514) 872-6134 for program inquiries.